Who we are


NAMED® is a leading Italian Company, engaged in the development, marketing and sale of natural remedies, food and dietary supplements, in different therapeutic areas.

NAMED® introduces an innovative concept of NATURAL MEDICINE which goes beyond the resolution of symptoms and aims to prevent diseases and regulate the natural balance of our body, improving our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Since more than 25 years we provide nutritional supplements to patients looking for an effective and safe solution for their disorders and we devote our efforts to the development of new products meeting unmet medical needs.

Today we can offer a wide range of natural products covering all therapeutic areas.

We are always focused to the health of patients and for this purpose most of our products are gluten-free, OGM-free and BSE/TSE-free.

The support of clinical and scientific studies proves the effectiveness of Natural Medicine as a concrete and safe approach to wellness and patient care.

NAMED® today is a fully integrated Company that accounts more than 200 employees among Sales Force and Management.

Named S.p.A.
VAT No. 00908310964
Via Lega Lombarda 33 - 20855 Lesmo (MB) ITALY
Ph. (+39)
Fax (+39)

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